The Ultimate List of Twitter Engagement Tips

Are you tweeting like crazy and getting no traction at all?  Well, console yourself with the fact that this is where everyone starts — with no strategy. Congratulations on giving Twitter a try.

Twitter is considered “earned media,” meaning you have to work for it. And many give up. But not you. You’ve obviously got that determination or you wouldn’t be reading this. End this frustration now and begin Tweeting for real results!

Let’s really power up the full capabilities of Twitter and create a firestorm of followers, exposure and leads.  I’ve got a list of in-depth tips on how to really engage your customers and attract new prospects. And importantly, still meet the personal needs of social media and not look like a spammer.

Twitter is A Powerful Way to Connect

Yes, Twitter is a unique social platform — an in-the-moment form of communication with meaningful people. Tweet strategically, engage, and you could win big. Create excellent dialogues with actual customers and stay top of mind with them and get them to distribute your compelling content. There’s an urgency about Twitter that makes it different from other social media channels. Leverage that urgency and make connections to important people.

Twitter is a powerful tool for creating one-to-one dialogue with important people. These influencers can spread the word about your company and products/services, yet they won’t unless you prepare your marketing content and tweets for a powerful, cohesive impact. When that’s effective you’ll begin conversations with people who are into a topic and they want to discuss it with you.

The biggest problem with Twitter use, is a lack of planning about what to use it for and who to engage with. Few people are strategic because it takes thought and considerable effort. But Twitter can be worth it if you use it well. More marketers are using it.

You Need a Strategy

Your Tweets have two purposes:

1. get your current customers more engaged and up to date with you and your company

2. create new connections/influencers/customers via social media

Overall then, your Twitter campaign is all about lead generation. Your blog and website will convert leads after your Twitter call to action gets them there.

Content strategy comes first. Before you start tweeting, research and write articles/posts/whitepapers/videos on topics that they can relate to and which feature your products. The more content, the more connection points you’ll have with prospects. Your tweet’s purpose is to create a customer, and that happens when they arrive on your site and read an article or view a video that has your unique value proposition weaved into it. The “stickier” your site is with good, relevant content, the more likely they are to make contact.

Don’t Forget, Social is Personal

In the social realm, it’s not about business, it’s about you. You need to be fascinating. And you are your topics and how you discuss them. That means you have to have to be creative and find compelling topics that capture attention and lead visitors into a discussion. That discussion will eventually lead them to your blog and your blog leads them to your website.

Life Extension is a popular health magazine. This company has smartly employed social media including a Twitter and Facebook pages to engage with their customers.  Their users enjoy getting quick supplement tips via twitter. There couldn’t be a better platform for quick tips.

Research shows people like personal anecdotes, but they also like a focused topic twitter page. What turns them off is talking too much about yourself and linking only to your own material. Some are sensitive to too many tweets. Well, either they like you and your topics/content or they don’t!  It’s not so much the frequency as the relevance of your tweets.  Lots of top people tweet many times per hour and don’t get unfollowed.  The better you are, the more lenient they’ll become. In fact if you’re an asset creating interesting material for them, they’ll appreciate it. All comes back to quality.

Why Would Anyone Want to Go to Your Twitter Page?

Really, you need to know that.

Your Twitter page might be a place where give them latest info about your products, interesting facts, discounts, and most importantly it is a portal to other websites of interest to your readers. If it generates real value, they will come  back, or they will tune into it every day.

Pro Twitter Tips


Once visitors hit their website and the product pages, there are few distractions to stop the person from buying something.

This company could see better performance from Twitter by asking people to visit their website. A call to action is important. As visitors scan down the page, they’ll read the invitation and head the call to action. Other twitter posts can ask visitors to comment on someone else’s twitter post. It encourages interaction with you.


Twitter Interaction


Get Much Better Twitter Engagement with these Tips:

    • Talk about others and feature them in your tweets — make them a hero
    • Retweet someone else’s tweet, sharing their opinion or angle on a topic – they may follow you – in fact, this is the best way to get followed
    • Retweet someone else’s tweet and add your comments
    • Be positive and encouraging – positive comments get the best responses
    • Be enthusiastic – this is the fount of being persuasive and fascinating to others
    • Be helpful, provide value by helping them solve their problems
    • Pretend you’re a customer service rep, eager to support and help
    • Get personal, let them see who you really are so they can connect with you emotionally
    • Cover a few funny or irreverent stories online – a little mix you more interesting
    • Become a good listener and read between the lines about what others are saying
    • Make a connection with one person and build a conversation
    • Consider your voice and tone — you’re now a publisher/author
    • Tweet to brands/companies that reflect your own company’s value proposition — then it’s value by association on others eyes
    • Use a » Tweet This «  anchor text code within your posts/articles where you have exciting/interesting information
    • Juice up your profile as a compelling reason to listen to you and talk with you.
    • Be first to talk about breaking news events
    • Ask others on Twitter or even on your blog/website to RT (retweet your tweet)
    • Use humour when you can
    • Use words that evoke emotion and discomfort – get them to pay attention and feel a need to explore and respond
    • Consider this list of the 15 top words to get your tweets retweeted:
1.   you 5.   see 9.     new 13.   how to
2.   help 6.   social 10.   get 14.   follow
3.   please 7.   free 11.   social media 15.   blog post
4.   retweet 8.   check out 12.   top 10
  • And the 15 words to avoid:
1.   game 5.   but 9.     night 13.   gonna
2.   going 6.   watching 10.   bed 14.  hey
3.   haha 7.   work 11.   well 15.   tomorrow
4.   lol 8.   home 12.   sleep
  • And use these top call-to-action words:
1.   order 5.   please rt 9.     watch 13.  what’s the
2.   reweet 6.   please help 10.   does your 14.  find out
3.   link 7.   contact 11.   learn how 15.  see
4.   comment 8.   get 12.   call now
  • Choose interesting topics that invite discussion and commentary — not dead end topics
  • Tweet posts in the afternoon when people are more available to read and retweet
  • Connect with one new person everyday — retweet, comment on their tweet
  • Use industry event hashtags to reach people in a good mood in your industry
  • Use customer comments/testimonials as a tweet
  • Use customer’s positive tweets as testimonials on your website
  • Create and use your own hashtag so followers can zoom into your key tweets and ideas
  • Tweet and link to your blog content and website to help them become familiar with you — that’s the first step in creating a connection or even a fan
  • Find top influencers in your field, follow them, and join their conversations – and direct message them when the right opportunity occurs
  • Write in elevated language so you appear to be credible and worthy of following
  • Use DM (@ direct messages) at the right time
  • Embed your tweets in your website and other social media pages
  • Be generous, give your visitors a discount for downloading something from your site
  • Use to find key influential people in your industry
  • Create a topical theme for the day
  • Attach pictures and video when possible
  • Tweet in bunched topics so readers will be lure deeper into the topic
  • Play up and promote your twitter page on your linkedin and Google+ pages
  • Tweet both personal and professional topics — build your image to be dynamic and fascinating
  • Tie yourself into big events, news, and subjects, especially those more people can relate to – you’re creating a lead funnel
  • Think like an instigator — you want to be starting something good
  • Make your conversation go to your blog – have articles on your blog that fill in the blanks and solve problems — then you look like the messiah, or at least someone who is really with it.
  • Download and use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite for better tweet management
  • Put something cute, inspirational, funny, or useful on Pinterest and use your Twitter url as your home website
  • Get involved in popular, current Twitter topics that others in your group are active in
  • Install the twitter app on your phone so you can respond right away to important people’s posts – there’s nothing like a real time chat
  • Choose and use the correct keywords – this draws attention and your tweet will show up on the Twitter search engine (twitter has 1.6 billion searches per year)
  • Use a powerful call to action – this is the final step after you’ve captured them and built desire.
  • Retweet your best tweets — check your owl stats to see which got the clicks
  • Ask people questions – ones that hit to the “why” they are at your twitter page
  • Be informative, educate others
  • Be personal and entertain others – make them feel comfortable and wanted
  • Pay attention to other’s tweets – understand their campaigns and interests, and give them some tips
  • Visit your followers Twitter pages and leave comments — what are their passions

Begin your campaign by researching relevant topics for your blog — topics that lead logically to your products/services. Take a look at the top bloggers in your industry and note what they might be doing right and how they express themselves. But be even more fascinating than them.



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