Weekly Round Up: August 17th Pinterest Competitors, Mobile Advertising Growth & Lunch Upgrades

Twitter Founders Combines The Best Of Pinterest And Reddit In One Platform


There’s a new startup in town and it combines the social voting features of Reddit with the features of Pinterest. The company is called Medium and it’s created by the co-founders of Twitter so it’s definitely something to keep and eye on.

What’s Your USP (Unique Selling Point)?


A nice overview on the steps to go through when creating your products or services Unique Selling Point.

Mobile Advertising Boiling Hot With 212% Growth Spike


The growth in mobile advertising over the past 6 quarters shows that for a minor investment relative to TV, print and other media spends, marketers can add mobile audience reach and executions to their online search and display campaigns.

Will Twitter’s New Rules Squash Upstart UI Innovations?


Twitters’s future depends greatly on whether its UI can become more usable, and less of a firehose. So they’re taking drastic measures to make sure they run the show.

How Can I Upgrade My Brown-Bag Lunch?


Packing your own lunch is a smart move—you save money and often eat healthier than you would if you got takeout or dined out every workday meal. However, as you’ve quickly discovered, the routine can get awfully boring.

A quick read on rethinking your lunch.


ParaNorman comes out today which on it’s own doesn’t seem that cool. But after watching this video on how much time and effort goes into a feature length Stop Motion film you might think otherwise.


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