Weekly Round Up Feb 22: Writing Facebook Updates, Google Goes Shopping & Best Bus Stop Ever!

Which Email Marketing Service Is Right For You?

A nice comprehensive post that covers 5 of the top email marketing clients.
If you’ve ever wondered what the pros and cons for each platform are than look no further.

The Art of Writing Great Facebook Status Updates

One of my favourite blogs to follow is Neil Patel’s QuickSprout blog, and this post is one of the reasons why.

If you’ve ever sat there trying to figure out how to craft the perfect Facebook update then this is the post for you, with insights into timing, what’s your value and numbers to back it all up.

Google Spends $125 Million On Channel Intelligence To Improve Google Shopping

Google dropped a lot of money in an effort to help their search engine give you better shopping results.

One of the looming threats for Google is the continued strength of Amazon. When people want to buy stuff online, they will skip Google and head straight to Amazon. Inside Amazon they will search, and then buy stuff.


Video: Best Bus Stop Ever


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