Corporate Identity Design – Why Corporate Identity Guidelines are Important

What is your company’s brand identity? What does this identity say about your business? What image are your projecting to your clients and potential clients? A strong, unified brand identity is incredibly important. Your corporate identity can truly make your business shine.

Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity

“Corporate branding” may sound like something that only large organizations with huge marketing departments can afford. It may not seem feasible for a small or medium business. Even if you have developed a brand identity at some point, you may not have reviewed it in a while and you may not spend much time ensuring that it is consistent across your company. That’s understandable. After all, you’re busy running all of the other aspects of your business. Updating and maintaining a brand identity may be ranked very low on your priority list.

However, it shouldn’t be. A brand identity is very important. Following your brand identity guidelines in every piece of communication and marketing material will improve your company’s image in the eyes of your customers, your partners and even your staff.

When you think of the brands and organizations that you trust the most, you’re probably thinking of companies that have the strongest and most consistent brand identities. Your logo, company colours, mission statement, the tone of your copy, the look and feel of your website and how your company presents itself goes a long way to showcasing the best possible image of your business. A consistent identity immediately tells the world that you are a professional and organized business. It conveys a sense of what your organization is about and reinforces your experience and mission statement with every aspect.

Companies with weak corporate identities look fractured, chaotic and irresponsible. This isn’t the image you want to project.

Corporate Branding Online

The Internet gives customers access to hundreds of different companies in any given industry in seconds. When you’re lined up against all of your customers online, it’s important that you stand out from the pack and that you put your best foot forward. A strong brand identity makes your company memorable in the eyes of the consumer.

On the Internet, decisions are made very quickly. If a customer visits your website and isn’t impressed, it’s incredibly easy to click the back button on a web browser and head to another page.

A well-designed, professional website that follows strict brand identity guidelines is an excellent way to present a professional image to your client base. Not only will this help you stand out from your competition, but it will also keep visitors on your site and keep them from going to another site.

But you shouldn’t stop with your website. Following your corporate identity standards in all aspects of your company is the key to making a good impression. From your email signature and your company letterhead, to your business cards and all other marketing material, everything about your company’s identity should be consistent. It should present your organization as professional, organized and superior to your competitors. It should instil confidence in your clients. A strong, consistent brand identity goes a long way to making your organization a success.



  1. Branding may sound like something for large organisations but the importance for small businesses or start ups cannot be disregarded. Branding is to do with the ability to create a mental image of your service and position it in the mind of consumers. Especially with the kind of online exposure we have nowadays, it is silly to neglect this practice. Thanks for sharing wisdom :)

  2. I couldn’t agree more. With so many places a brand can interact with people it’s important to have guidelines that help deliver a consistent message.

  3. Branding is important for all organisations irrespective of their size. With the advent of the internet it is important for companies to have a strong brand identity on-line.

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