Why You Need Original Unique Content for Your Website

Why are the most visited websites so popular? The answer is simple. They have plenty of unique, original, often up to the minute information, along with videos, graphics, and photos that web users are craving.

Take a good look at Apple.com for its pleasing visuals, then Youtube.com for its engaging videos, Pinterest.com for its interesting pics, and Frommers.com for travel info. These are top Internet sites because they’ve got great stuff for their visitors. Whatever the audience wants or likes, they generally find it and in a fashion that pleases them.

Social media users in particular want fresh, original, and newsworthy content. This is how you generate high quality social connections and that one big viral event that brings a tidal wave of visitors and the press to your web site.

Original content + good promotion = Success

Good Fresh Content is a Magnet that Keeps the Attraction Going

Original, high quality content is the magnet that draws and keeps website traffic. It’s also good for your search engine rankings (Penguin 2.0). And the demand for original content is intense, yet how many companies have the ability to produce good original content for their websites? Not many. 64% of small businesses say it’s a tough problem. That’s why everyone borrows.

During the last year, curated content has been the hottest thing going. Curation is the process of reusing content from other sources such as through RSS feeds, widgets, sharable code, and republishing other’s articles and posts. Those who produce original content and make it available via RSS can see their content distributed to thousands of websites. That’s great exposure and there are other benefits too.

Original content, if produced professionally, is very engaging and activating. In this era, great content is central to most online marketing campaigns. It’s the focus of content marketing and inbound marketing.

Capturing customers out there on the web is all about having your own “Web” of content out there for people to read, view or hear and then click through to your Web site.

Creative Frame of Mind

For most businesses, the effort and cost to produce original content is a good investment. However, you need to ensure while planning that your content achieves key communication, engagement, and SEO ranking goals. Do it right and you can fulfill them all!

Creating Original Content

  1. Reflect on your customer stories
  2. Reflect on your insight into customer problems
  3. Recall a technical solution you implemented
  4. Consider what your unique viewpoint is
  5. Consider how your products serve the market well

High quality, original content development is just part of our complete online marketing service packages. Given how competitive it is out there (and it’ll be moreso in future), your campaigns need to be firing on cylinders. It’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. The power of integrated marketing is something to behold when it’s strategic and focused.


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