Morgan Henderson - Capital Networks

" I feel like it’s a partnership more than a client relationship... these guys have stepped up for us every time."

- Morgan Henderson, Marketing Director at Capital Networks

With a growing client base and limited capacity, Capital Networks needed a partner they could count on to deliver on tight timelines.

As Marketing Director, Morgan Henderson works with Capital Networks’ small production team. In the past, their job included developing everything from logos to icrosites.

But as the company grew, it quickly became clear they needed an experienced partner who could take care of the web design and development side of things.

Pretty websites wouldn’t be enough - they also needed someone who understood the strategy that goes into branding and marketing and could work with them on a heavy deadline.

The search was on.

"We used to be able to take care of a lot of that work ourselves, but it became time where we were just too busy."

Positive First Impressions

Tight timelines are the norm for Capital Networks – so responsiveness was critical. As he recalls, Morgan’s first test when looking for a vendor was to see who would respond most quickly.

He sent every vendor he was considering an email about their services, noting how long it took them to reply.

"Literally within 15 minutes of emailing, Mike Robertson (Vice President of Sales, Ravenshoe) had sent me a personal email back offering their services and wanting to get together to meet."

"From their first email, I was very impressed with their quick turnaround – and that hasn’t stopped since."

What’s more, Ravenshoe brought more to the table that Morgan knew Capital Networks could benefit from.

"Their being a one-stop-shop was very attractive to us. We do big projects, but we’re a pretty small company - they’ve got more people dedicated to knowing this stuff."

In the three years since that day, Ravenshoe has become a trusted ally.

While the company was initially engaged to handle web design and development, the relationship has expanded to include brand development and digital marketing as well.

"They’re very good at hashing out problems - and through that process, we learn quite a bit about things we hadn’t thought of," Morgan explains.

"We get advice from them on advertising campaigns and different options, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly on the clock with them."

Because Capital Networks is a small, hands-on company, having a partner like Ravenshoe devoted to finding and executing on new opportunities while Morgan’s in-house team focused on tackling current challenges has been a huge benefit.

"...I don’t feel like I’m constantly on the clock with them."

The Biggest Challenge Yet

A few years into their relationship, Capital Networks had a deal in place with telecommunications giant Rogers Communications to develop DealsTV, Canada’s newest 24/7 teleshopping channel.

The scope of work was daunting and the timeline tight as ever.

DealsTV neeeded a whole identity: branding, a logo, marketing collateral and a website that Morgan could update quickly and easily on his own.

"There’s always a tight deadline,” Morgan says. “And we had some very specific requests when it came to the website design."

For Morgan, there was only one place to turn: Ravenshoe.

The Perfect Solution – Even Faster Than Expected

Ravenshoe immediately began developing a plan to ensure DealsTV got the assets it needed.

As Morgan recalls, even he was surprised how quickly and capably they handled the task.

"It actually moved along quicker than I thought,” Morgan laughs. “They called us in for the first branding discussion after they had come up with their initial ideas."

I was expecting there would be a little bit of push and pull, but we walked out of that first meeting with our branding under our arms. They nailed it the first time!"

That’s the kind of surprising result that only comes when two companies have worked so closely for so long.

"They nailed it the first time!"

The Future is Bright

According to Morgan, the work that Ravenshoe did to create the DealsTV brand has been a resounding success.

"These guys have stepped up for us every time - they’re always on top of it. They care about what they’re doing."

Looking forward, Morgan is excited by the idea of finding new avenues for Capital Networks and Ravenshoe to work together.

In that spirit of cooperation, Ravenshoe is continually approaching Capital Networks with new initiatives and strategies – ways they can increase their impact, reach new audiences and find even greater success.

“They’re leading me away from old-school advertising that, two or three years ago, served a purpose.

I really do like having that outlet available to me where they’ve got several eyes looking for future opportunities.”

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Capital Networks Ltd. supplies content management software and supporting services to the Digital Signage, Broadcasting and Cable Television industries.

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DealsTV, a subsidiary of Capital Networks, is a teleshopping channel for Canadian consumers that delivers entertaining and educational content to over 1.5 million homes on the Rogers digital cable network.