More Profitable Than We Have Ever Been

The people at Ravenshoe produced a product for me that exceeded my expectations in every respect. Google loves it, my customers love it and their work literally turned my business around. We are back on top and more profitable than we have ever been before as a direct result of what Mike did for us at Ravenshoe.

Dan Morgan is the owner of GreenTech Bug Heat.


Creative Ideas

From the time of talking about tuning up our website to having it in place was very short, so it was on time and on budget, and there was very interesting and creative ideas that came forward.

Jim Maclean is the President of Tactical Advice/Strategic Communications Inc.


No Other Option

There are cheaper options, there are other options, but for my money and my experience, there's no other option than Ravenshoe.

Bryan Walderman is the IT Director for Lipton LLP Chartered Accountants. Lipton came to Ravenshoe Group because they needed an identity.


New Ideas

They're constantly coming up with new ideas and constantly tracking our online strategy and helping us to tweak it.

Carlo Di Leo is the President of Double Vision.


Really Took the Time

We continue to use Ravenshoe Group because they really took the time to understand us as a business.

Sue Warden is the Operator/Owner of Warden Restoration Ltd.


Generating Tons of Leads

The site Ravenshoe built is generating a ton of leads and still is today. I am constantly getting compliments on the way it is set up and the quality of the design.

Marc Lamers is the Owner/Operator of ML Contracting.


A Great Company

I have a great company that does all of my multimedia for me, they're called Ravenshoe Group.

Edward Finstein is The Wine Doctor, renown wine writer and award-winning author.