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Mark is our Photographer & Videographer, responsible for managing and developing the continued expansion of the Visual Arts Department at Ravenshoe. Mark brings a critical visual eye to every project and revels in taking on new and exciting assignments that challenge his creativity. Mark developed his passion for photography at an early age, borrowing the family camera, a Brownie Starflash, for a school trip to the Zoo. He recalls, “I was so excited I burned through the roll of film in the first 30 minutes.” Since then he’s shot with numerous cameras from the Polaroid Zip to medium and large format and now into the exciting world of high definition video. His expertise includes colour correction, image manipulation and retouching.

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Why Professional Photography?

Should you invest in professional product photography? If it’s within your budget, absolutely. Photography is a key part in the decision-making process affecting conversion and retention rates. Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of seeing and holding your products prior…

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