April 6, 2011

GlobalShop: Las Vegas 2011

My first experience at GlobalShop proved to be an amazing one. As we all know everything in Vegas is over the top and the same can be said about GlobalShop. From start to finish the retail solutions extravaganza was top-notch.

  • The check in was flawless.
  • The staff was professional and courteous
  • And the vendors’ tradeshow booths were high class

The portion of the show that appealed most to me and the industry I’m in was POPAI’s section. They displayed award winning corrugated displays showcasing the latest in structural design and retail marketing. Below are some of my favourites:

Tron Display w/ LED Lights

Colgate Display w/ LED Light

Dentyne Floorstand Display

Dentyne Shelf Display

Heineken Rotating Header Card

Otrivin Chute

In summary:

  • 10% of the GlobalShop show was specific to the temporary/ permanent display industry
  • 90% was dedicated to retail solutions such as: store layout, store lighting, digital signage, and more.
  • POPAI showed extremely well. Their section was vibrant, interactive, and professional.

  • Very few Canadian companies were in attendance. The floor was ruled by The U.S and European countries

Would I go back?

Yes. Not next year however. I will consider allocating the money spent on attending local POPAI shows and possibly becoming a member.

So there you have it. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. What did you think of my findings? Be sure to let me know at Defpen.

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