September 16, 2011

How Much Should Website Design, Development, and Hosting Cost?

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You’ve all seen the ads about saving money with DIY websites, but this is like trying to be your own plumber or electrician. If you have no idea what you’re doing it’s going to take you a lot more time, and chances are the finished product won’t be as great as a professional job. What the DIY proponents fail to mention is the false economy involved in this type of venture.

Here are some SiteGround Insights:

a) The website will have trouble expanding with your growing business & when it needs to be redone you will incur more costs.

b) All the time you spend doing a DIY site would be better spent with your clients, producing sales or generally doing what you do best.

There’s an article I read a while back about “How Much Should Web Site Design, Development, and Hosting Cost?” – which explains very well the costs associated with website design. They go into detail for different budgets as well, meaning, they will cover cost coming from the best website design company standards along side medium and low ball examples. This inclusive outlook is a golden nugget of knowledge.

Not wanting to spend money on your company for website design is the same as not spending money to get business cards. If you are meeting a potential client would you give them a ripped cigarette pack with your name and company info on it? Probably not because they would throw it away and laugh at you! But hey, you saved a few bucks on printing costs right? What do you think potential clients do when they go to your poorly designed/cheap DIY template website? They click “x” and find your competition! Your whole company is viewed and judged within 2 seconds of someone landing on your website. Why not give them a reason to get excited and call you for business? If you think you are currently doing well and getting a lot of business by “word of mouth”, you will be blown away by how much business is generated by online searching.

It all comes down to knowing that you need to spend money and invest in your business. Don’t be afraid, the customers you get from your unique custom website will outweigh the money you spent time and time again, just ask me for some testimonials.

Here is that link, enjoy! (Click Here) If you are still having trouble setting up your site visit Fusion Vegas for help.

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