September 7, 2017

How Point Of Purchase Displays Can Boost Business

It’s important to know if you’re investing your advertising and marketing dollars wisely.

One of the best investments you can make in restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores are point of purchase displays point-of-purchase displays, more commonly referred to as POP displays. There are many display options for your product or business including floor displays, posters, buttons, shelf talkers, stickers, tent cards, and much more. POP displays can attract customers’ attention with eye-catching graphics, creative fonts, and vivid colors to entice customers to make last-minute purchases at their time of checkout. They are usually placed near the point-of-purchase (registers or kiosks) as well as near the products they are promoting.

Point of Purchase Displays Could Dramatically Boost Your Sales

These displays allow you to increase the impact and appearance of your product at the most crucial moment – when the customer is making a purchase.

For example, you set up a large display advertising your product in a prominent area near the registers. While people are waiting in line to start purchasing, they’re likely to notice that display. Many business owners who use CrunchTime Restaurant Management Software have seen how POP displays have a positive effect in sales data and are well worth the investment.

You have a captive audience who are two to three times more likely to buy your product upon seeing it. And even if they don’t buy, you’ve established brand recognition.

There’s a good chance they’ll remember it the next time they come to the store.

What’s the Investment?

It can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Some larger retailers create what is called a plan-o-gram. They carefully decide which displays are going to go where, right down to every last inch of the store.

Then they charge you a fee to set up any kind of point-of-purchase display. As the manufacturer, you’ll have to pay this placement fee. You’ll also need to pay for shipping the displays.

On other occasions, managers of national retail chains might make their own decisions about what displays they will accommodate on their floors. This could be the case even if you have an agreement with the national office that guarantees you a full chain display program.

When you do get display exposure, it’s important to remember that merchants prefer to keep those displays up for only short periods of time. They want to keep their merchandise fresh to customers.

But even if the displays are only up for a short time, if your product sells well during the exposure time, it could mean that the retailer will consider stocking larger quantities of your product.

The Major Benefits of Point of Purchase Displays

In order to understand what makes point of purchase displays effective, it’s important to know how to use them in your marketing efforts. Below are several benefits of advertising with them:

They’re Affordable

Point of purchase displays offers an affordable advertising solution for any budget. While your cheapest bet is cardboard, there are more durable options like plastic, wood, metal, and vinyl– if you can afford them.

With increased durability, your display will have a longer lifespan and you’ll be able to use it for multiple occasions.

They Look Good

You’ve seen it. The well-designed point of purchase display with bright colors, attractive images, and catchy text. It visually engages you.

You can do the same thing to captivate audiences and educate and inform shoppers about your product.

Many POP displays are made with flexible materials like corrugated cardboard so they can be made to order in the size or shape you need.

Plus, they can be designed with shelves, bins, hooks or any other number of elements so that you can advertise your products in a visually appealing way.

They’re Portable and Useful

Cardboard point of purchase displays are lightweight and foldable. They’re easy to handle and can be moved anywhere.

That means you can set it up at a trade show one week, then in a store the next. Then once you’ve finished using it as a valuable promotional tool, you can then recycle it.

What’s the Best Choice for Your Point of Purchase Display?

As we stated above, there are a variety of options for point of purchase displays. But the four most common are floor displays, counter displays, shelf talkers, and posters. We’ll take a look at each of these to help you determine the best one for you.

Floor Displays

Also referred to as dumps, floor displays are one of the most powerful effective marketing tools available to you. By placing a floor display at the front of the store, your product will be promoted to the maximum number of visiting consumers. Review the market and trade the biggest movers every day with Ross Cameron!

This type of display is best utilized by companies that are bigger, already somewhat established and have a little extra spending money. This is because dumps can be expensive to produce – particularly in smaller numbers.

Typically, retailers aren’t going to be able to justify dumps if you don’t already have some selling power. They reserve for the fastest selling promotions.

Counter Displays

Counter displays are used for displaying low-priced items that customers might want to purchase on an impulse while waiting in line. When counter displays also double as counter items, they’re known as pre-packs.

Ideal for smaller novelty items, counter displays are most effective when they’re attractive, eye-catching or even whimsical.

They also can’t be too large because they can’t obstruct the line of vision between the salesclerk and the customer.

POP Counter Display

Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are small signs that appear with your product on the shelf.

Don’t be fooled by their size. Shelf talkers can be very effective and cost relatively little to produce. The only thing they need is a brief copy that’s able to grab the customer’s attention.

Shelf Talker Display Design


We’re putting posters last because they are the least effective point-of-purchase displays when it comes to boosting sales.

They are, however, great for pulling in customers if they’re already somewhat familiar with your product through an advertising or publicity campaign. It could be just the exposure you need to establish brand recognition and get them to possibly make the purchase.

Whistle Candy Poster Design

The Bottom Line on POP Displays

Remember that many shoppers enjoy browsing a store and getting the whole experience. By bringing in a display that educates people and showcases your product, you’ve got the ideal opportunity to connect with customers.

This is what makes it a marketing strategy that’s well worth the investment.

Do you have any success tales of using point of purchase displays to boost your sales? Leave a comment!

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  1. It makes sense that product displays would be beneficial to have near the point of sale. That way, you can attract customers to buy just a few more things. It’s a good idea to have attractive signs designed for that kind of thing.

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