April 26, 2017

Are You Missing Out on LinkedIn B2B Marketing?

Does your company use B2B marketing to its advantage? Or, are you missing out?

It’s one of the best ways we can convert more leads and help our businesses network with other great companies.

LinkedIn B2B marketing is just one way your business could be gaining traction online. It’s working so well that 87% of B2B marketers are making use of social media as part of their strategy.

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to start using LinkedIn B2B marketing. That’s why we at the Ravenshoe Group have put together this breakdown of why you need to stop missing out on this great opportunity.

So let’s start talking about how you can use LinkedIn B2B marketing to up your marketing strategy.

What’s B2B marketing in the first place?

You can think of it as a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship where two businesses work together to support each other and benefit.

Think about how coffee shop chains are able to afford those massive, fancy espresso machines for all of their locations! It’s not always because they have the money to spare.

It’s because they are working together with businesses providing the products they need directly.

B2B marketing is the way businesses work together with other businesses to the benefit of both.

So, instead of marketing to consumers directly, products are marketed to the businesses that will make use of the products!

Why you need to be using LinkedIn B2B marketing now

Figuring out what type of marketing is best suited for your company can feel like a full-time job.

But B2B marketing should be one of those options that is a given, especially because it can be so beneficial!

Here’s why you should be using LinkedIn B2B marketing to help grow your company and form connections to others.

LinkedIn is massive

There are over 467 million users on LinkedIn.

The purpose of this site is used strictly to connect professions in similar fields so that they can network.

This means that all of the businesses in your industry or field are likely to be found on LinkedIn.

The same goes for businesses that are in industries you rely on, such as the steel companies that could work with your architecture firm.

Making use of this great social media platform for your marketing strategies is simply logical!

Most B2B marketers use LinkedIn

This is a statistic that comes straight from LinkedIn and it’s showcasing some promising figures that make LinkedIn B2B marketing really worth your time.

Over 92% of B2B marketers actually use LinkedIn as a part of their strategies!

LinkedIn is basically an open field ripe for marketing since so many professionals are all in one place. It’s a free-flowing and open platform to post your blogs, skills, and resume as well as marketing.

LinkedIn B2B marketing converts more leads

Businesses are all about converting leads. Why? Because that means more customers and more purchases will be coming in. This is great for some pretty obvious reasons.

And LinkedIn B2B marketing should be on your list to help make this happen.

Using this type of marketing is the best at converting leads– working 59% of the time.

Although there are tons of social media platforms aimed at helping people be social together, LinkedIn is the place for professionals and businesses to gather.

If you want a good way to convert leads and get your business out there, it’s not surprising that LinkedIn is the perfect social platform to help you accomplish that goal ASAP.

Your company page can generate more leads

Think of this as getting likes on that new photo you posted on Instagram.

Your account is 100% yours and reflects who you are– all your fancy meals and fun afternoons with your friends are who you are.

The same goes for your business page on LinkedIn. It’s who you are as a business and this can work to convert leads just like your fun photo can get likes.

How? By starting conversations, of course.

Your page should be more than just information about your site. It should have some personality and be full of calls to action that entice leads to your website or to contact you.

LinkedIn B2B marketing can build brand awareness

Brand awareness is a huge part of succeeding as a business– so why would you skimp over another outlet to getting your name out there?

If you’ve ever ordered a hamburger from McDonald’s, you shouldn’t be surprised to see those big yellow arches all over the packaging. Why? Because that’s what makes them so recognizable and successful.

The truth is, you’ll want to use B2B marketing on LinkedIn to help you build brand awareness.

By working with businesses that are similar to yours, people who are interested will be able to associate with and check out your business. Like we said earlier, it’s that kind of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” relationship that works so well.

At that point, they can be converted into leads with your marketing strategy and calls to action from the business page.

In the end, this great method can increase your web visits by 13% and up your page visits by 27%.

Don’t let B2B marketing get the best of you by avoiding it. You’ll want to capitalize on those extra views and additional leads as much as possible!

Let us help you

Keeping track of all the different marketing trends can be difficult. And it’s clear that implementing them properly can be even trickier.

We specialize in marketing for companies in very diverse fields so that business owners can relax knowing the hard work is done for them.

Our company wants to make sure you can focus on what really matters in your business and save time by leaving marketing and online curation to the professionals!

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