July 4, 2018

Ravenshoe Accepted as New Member of CPA & CHP Canada

We’re excited to announce that Ravenshoe Group is now officially a member of Canada’s two leading consumer associations; Consumer Health Products Canada (CHP), and The Contract Packaging Association (CPA).

Joining these respected communities is part of our long-range commitment to growing alongside a rapidly evolving healthcare and packaging industry.  We’re cultivating our knowledge of the latest issues and practices so we can help clients make increasingly informed decisions and stay at the forefront of all new developments.

About CHP Canada

CHP is instrumental in shaping the growth of the Canadian consumer health product industry. They work in collaboration with our government to shape both policy and the regulatory environment which supports our healthcare system. Representing companies ranging from producers of over-the-counter medicines, to natural health product producers; their mandate includes working towards a more efficient, evidence-based, and sustainable healthcare system for Canadians.  That means ensuring that only the safest, most effective products are used to practice self-care and manage our everyday health conditions.

Keeping Clients Informed and Up-to-Date

Joining Canada’s leading advocacy group for consumer health products is in keeping with our already robust regulatory and quality assurance systems.  Ravenshoe Group is proud to hold the distinction of Preferred Supplier with CHP Canada. As members, we now benefit from additional resources and knowledge about government policies that stand to shape our clients’ healthcare products over time. Now, more than ever, we have the ability to stay in tune with new and proposed legislation.

About The Contract Packaging Association

CPA is Canada’s national, non-profit trade organization for the Contract Packaging industry. It’s their longstanding commitment to build a better supply chain, and run programs that establish higher ethical standards between contract packagers and clients. Their members are among the nation’s top contract packagers who handle packaging from start to finish, and it’s an honour to be included as leading experts in this category. Being a member of CPA offers us the opportunity to share more of our success stories as case studies, and engage in deeper conversations on topics we believe to be shaping and impacting our industry.

Protecting Clients and Their Products

We’re honoured to be recognized as one of Canada’s leading contract packaging companies. Our acceptance into CPA substantiates and strengthens our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards of contract packaging. The educational resources and events offered by CPA will help us ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect the safety and welfare of our clients and their products.

Looking Ahead

Becoming members of these leading organizations is certainly a milestone. We hope that forging these relationships helps us to be more innovative than ever before, all while helping our clients get the most out of working with a contract packaging company. As we move ahead, our team anticipates playing an even larger role in establishing and advocating for high standards that shape contract packaging and consumer healthcare industries.

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