February 11, 2014

What is a Powerful Web Design? A Simple One.

Simplicity in design is elegant, minimalist, and clean. It makes it easier for customers to get your message. It creates the perfect context and a drone video to make the biggest impact on your visitors. Simplicity in marketing gives us the powerful focus to move customer’s minds.

When we try too hard to create websites that answer every conceivable concern of our visitors we end up helping no one.  And when visitors seem tired and overwhelmed to be on our website, they leave. That’s not good.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”  – Antoine de Saint-Exupe
Clean Web Design

Research too, is telling us that simple, straightforward designs are a better experience for customers, new and old. They don’t have to think hard and they receive a laser focused message to make the strongest impact. It’s the difference between a laser and a floodlight.

Steve Krug, said “Don’t Make Me Think” and that’s sage advice for all content marketing including teaching articles. If you tie up the visitor’s cognitive capacity, they can’t get the key info and make the right decision.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Keep it simple.

What Your Design Should be Like

Too many of today’s Web 2.0 websites confuse visitors, make them wait, and are not easy to understand. They don’t respond to the visitor’s quest to quickly solve their problem.  Is your problem right now a website that doesn’t generate leads and sales?Simple Web Design

The way to get those results is to make it easy for visitors to see you can solve their problem. So your graphics and copy have to be concise and power packed. Irrelevant images and long drawn out copy can make their brain work too hard. Don’t make them connect the dots. That’s your job.

Hit the Bullseye with Your Best Proposition

There’s two things you need to do: Get your unique value proposition as sharp as possible and have a sharp vision of your “bulls-eye” persona. Your designer and content marketer must know who your customer is if they’re to create the perfect context for them when they arrive at your site.

Your Unique Value Proposition is the concise description of what you have to offer and why it’s better than your competitor’s offering. That is matched to your ideal customer — your bulls-eye customer persona. If try to serve too many types of customers, you risk alienating all of them.

Increasingly, marketing companies can identify your best long term customer prospect. Perhaps your design and content will be geared to them?  Let’s talk about that. Contact us for a review of your website.

6 Simple Design Tips

1)  1 column layout on homepage allows to present a clear, concise message, sales pitch or unique value proposition
2)  2 column layout on pages makes it simple to present your key products/services yet allow them to drill down further to what they’re interested in
3)  Large headings with short paragraphs on main pages makes it easy to read and digest
4)  Large readable fonts – think 16pt and bigger
5)  Custom photography and illustration makes visuals relevant and convincing
6)  Make your pages scannable with sufficient white space and well placed visuals
But I want all the bells and whistles? Define bells and whistles. Could be you can have all the functionality you really want within a simple user interface.

Have a look at Our Work and you’ll see simplicity in action. Find out how we manage the complexity of modern web development to give you the website you dream of.

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