February 1, 2011

Where does the name Ravenshoe come from?

We are regularly asked how the company name was selected. Here is a bit of background.

There is a two-tier answer to this question. In 1996, Rick Wigmore decided to start his own business after a long career in the graphics and print business. He made a list of 32 creative names for his new business. Two pages of names to be exact and the last name on page 2 was Ravenshoe Creative. At that time, Rick was living on Ravenshoe Road. After an extensive legal search of all names on the list, only one remained available, you guessed it, Ravenshoe Creative later to expand to Ravenshoe Group.

The second part of this answer is based on” you wonder if it wasn’t meant to be” as the symbolism of the Raven and its mystique. In native art, the Raven symbolizes creation and knowledge, and is the “Bringer of the Light”.

The Raven is known as the catalyst for change and bringing that change in curious and unusual ways. The Raven likes to be deeply involved and is motivated by beneficial results in its efforts. The Raven sees the world is full of surprises and is often unpredictable. The Raven is the symbol of knowledge and has the ability to make anything happen. It can transform itself and recreate itself. The Raven is said to have brought light to earth and salmon to the rivers.

It is this symbolism that inspires us to become part of our clients’ work and through this involvement, bring on rebirth and transformation. It is our motivation and our reward.

“Ravenshoe” is actually an English abbreviation for the Scottish name “Ravens Hoe”…..Home of the Raven.

We like to think of our staff and clients as extended members of our family and therefore “Home of the Raven” truly reflects what our company is all about. So the name was the result of a snap decision that had to be made in 2 days in order for a client to generate a purchase order or was it truly fate…..You be the judge, but either way, it worked out to how we spell “success” for both us and our clients.

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