June 27, 2017

Why an E-Book Is Essential for Lead Generation

When you visit a company’s website, what do you want to take away? Something that’s useful to you. That’s why you should offer an e-book. It is a wealth of information. A customer can read it to find out what is important to them.

An e-book makes it easy to sit back and look at only things that matter. For example, if you visited a website for a mobile app marketer, you might want to explore how the company uses social media to make customers aware of the apps. You might want to skip the history of the company and who’s on its board of directors.

An e-book lets your customers pick and choose, bringing them to the forefront. It is unlike a video because it does not make them feel you are lecturing to them.

Use an E-Book to Collect Information

Since an e-book contains a lot of information, you can ask for some back. Consider asking for personal information such as a customer’s name, age, email address, phone number, how the customer located you, location, occupation and general interests.

Benefits of an E-Book

A book just looks and feels more legitimate than other marketing tools. It appears to be more credible because it takes a certain status to get something published. A book allows you to put your name and the name of your company on the cover. Yet an e-book is easy and cheap to produce. You can also offer it in many places online, like your partner organizations’ websites.

How E-Books Fit Into a Marketing Funnel

The Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action whirlwind of a marketing and sales funnel has a place for an e-book. E-books fit into the Awareness and Interest steps, drawing customers closer to your product and your way of doing things. Think of how Disney markets its stories first and its products second.

Capture customer interest in a similar way, showing that you are a creative and dynamic thought leader. Developing an interactive e-book is an excellent way to keep customers with your content longer. If you design such a text well, you can gather more information about what the customer found significant.

You can get started writing a successful e-book by asking loyal customers for feedback, like, “What do you really want to know about us? What is compelling about what we do?” Think of the e-book as a partnership between you and your readers. Once you’ve got a handle on what they want to see, your words and graphics should flow easily.

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