May 21, 2019

Why Professional Photography?

Should you invest in professional product photography? If it’s within your budget, absolutely.

Photography is a key part in the decision-making process affecting conversion and retention rates.

Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of seeing and holding your products prior to purchase, therefore, your photos represent the product’s perceived value. High quality photography represents that value and builds trust.

Poor quality images instill a lack of transparency discouraging repeat customers and leads to negative reviews.

For best presentation, your product(s) should be photographed from different angles including any panels with directions or ingredients. This is more applicable in the case of consumables such as vitamins and supplements, as required by online shopping sites like Amazon.

Your products should be photographed on a neutral background or better yet, clipped out and placed on a pure white or transparent background. This way your images will be optimized for use in multiple formats and media, including photography and video, and for these services like commercial videography could be useful if you want to promote your products.

Though packaging may look good to the naked eye, photography reveals minor imperfections which may be noticeable if a product is enlarged on your website, header cards or sell sheets. To mitigate this, it’s best to provide a pack flat, whenever possible, as off-the-shelf product is often damaged thus reducing the amount of retouching required. Retouching in post production is critical to achieving a polished look as shown in the examples below.

Product Photography Retouching
Product Photography Retouching

You may have your own images that aren’t the ideal representation of your product(s), so as an alternative to photography, you may choose to have your existing photos expertly retouched and colour corrected.

Product Photography Color Correct

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