Eye-Catching And Cost-Effective Blister Packaging

The highly visible way to showcase your product

You have a great product and want to put it front and center at retail. Blister packaging by Ravenshoe is an ideal solution. We can integrate it seamlessly with the design of your package.

Note: Given the high startup costs of producing moulds, our minimum production run for blister packaging is 5,000 units.

Cost-Effective Blister Packaging

Tamper-proof protection that retailers prefer

Since blister packaging envelopes your product in a resilient see-through shield, it provides highly tamper-proof protection. The packaging is popular with retailers, because consumers can see what they’re getting and are more likely to purchase the product.

This combination of benefits makes blister packaging a great choice for healthcare and pharmaceutical CPG’s.

Tamper-proof protection

Blister packaging at its best

We offer complete blister-packaging services. As a result, our blister packaging is fast and efficient, so you can meet even tight timelines economically.

Our machine specs deliver results

  • 14”x18” jig-size machine with 6 stations
  • Can process 40 – 60 blister packs per minute
  • Automatic card and blister feed
  • Enclosed sealer for increased safety

Quality only experience can deliver

We learned through years of experience how to produce quality blister packs, including using the proper adhesive card stock, which guarantees that the plastic will not come unglued.

Eco-friendly packaging options

We offer our clients the ability to use rPET, which is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s derived from recycled water bottles and helps prevent them from polluting the environment or piling up in landfills.