Expert Engineering and Design

You'll enjoy the advantage of an experienced group of designers, engineers and production people who ensure the highest level of quality and service possible for your POP campaign.

Expert CAD and graphic design gives you the functional, durable, high quality designs you need to make an impact at the point of sale. We provide professionally engineered prototypes of your display before production so your confidence will be through the roof with the quality and beauty of your new POP display.

Our vast experience with the major Canadian retailers and their display specs avoid you the hassle of having your displays changed last minute or even refused saving you time and money.


Local Manufacturing and Production

The fact that we use local manufacturers means production and delivery is reliable. Our established relationships and alliances with corrugate and acrylic display manufacturers add to our reputation of being an honest, high quality service provider.

We gain further leadership in POP display production because of the experience of our production staff. No other local producer can compete with our capabilities, experience and quality. Learn more about our fullfillment services.

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Fulfillment Services

Every POP display needs to be assembled, stored and shipped and we offer order fulfillment in our 40,000 sq. foot facility in Markham, Ontario. Wouldn't it be nice to have one accountable source to manage your POP campaigns from start to finish? Professional management improves your campaign ROI and eliminates logistics confusion and headaches.