Corporate Identity Should be Iconic, Memorable & Full Of Meaning

Your identity speaks volumes about your company. It sets you apart and tells clients and potential customers about your purpose, reliability, professionalism, and more. It's a key facet of your overall brand story.

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Logo Design for Integro

Clean Design

An effective logo is clear and eye-catching. It conveys information through careful design and needs to be refined into its purest form for the greatest impact.

We address all of your questions and always offer you with multiple versions as a starting point. We continuously work with your feedback and insight until you are delighted with the final product. We've served dozens of clients and they tell us that they find logo design with our team an enlightening and enjoyable process.

Attention to Detail in Your Business Materials

A great corporate identity is more than just a logo. The quality and consistency of your business materials is an important piece of your overall identity. Each time someone touches or engages with your printed pieces- from business cards, stationery, envelopes, to brochures - they create a lasting positive impression.

To clearly convey what your brand stands for, it needs to be consistent across all channels and touchpoints. Consistency and coherence are key - including the placement of logos and text, the amount of whitespace, all the way down to the paper it is printed on.

Clintar® Tradeshow Materials

Maintain excellence with a Corporate Style Guide

Corporate Style Guide

A brand is the shared story told across an organization, large or small. This means that many of your employees or colleagues will touch your brand, often without realizing it.

A Corporate Style Guide helps ensure that as many diverse members of your organization have a hand in creating corporate materials, that they remain consistent in quality, message, and tone.

The style guide we create for you governs the correct layout and formatting for all marketing materials, including:

  • Logo Usage
  • Fonts & Typography
  • Colour Palette
  • Images
  • Text & Tone

Design & Print Expertise

Our graphic design team can help you create more compelling and creative business materials. Why not leverage our experience and skill in graphic design and printing. You'll have the full range of consulting assistance and production services at your fingertips.

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