Ravenshoe Takes Extraordinary Steps To Deliver The Highest Level Of Quality Assurance In Our Industry

Fully licensed by Health Canada

This licensing, along with biannual auditing by Health Canada, is exceptional in our industry. It’s your assurance that Ravenshoe plans and conducts all of its operations with required guidelines that deliver results of the highest quality.

GMP Certified

All manufacturing done in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Our compliance throughout the manufacturing process is another compelling reason to count on the quality controls we bring to your project.

Our commitment to quality is also evident in a number of our other high standards

  • All processes are controlled by SOP and IBIS Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Barcode scanning eliminates human data-entry errors
  • Product is automatically rotated to ensure the first to expire is shipped first (FEFO) and that product with an insufficient shelf-life does not leave the facility
  • Real-time tracking and 24/7 availability of inventory and shipping reports
  • Velocity of stock-keeping units (SKU) monitoring
  • Optimal inventory investment levels and maximum return on assets
  • All lot numbers and expiry dates are tracked

Expect The Highest Standards
In All Our Fulfillment Operations.

Fully licensed
by Health Canada

clean room

Audited regularly by Health Canada

Fully digitized systems for tracking of environment control.

Highest Standards
in Security

When it comes to quality assurance, you’ve got every reason to rely on Ravenshoe.

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