Don’t Just Stand Out From the Crowd. Invite the Crowd In.

Website design that gets customers wanting to engage with your business

  • Custom websites designed from the ground up
  • Designed to get you connecting with target customers
  • The latest web-development technologies & design principles
  • Coding provided for special features
  • 24-hour turnaround on most updates

Kate Bierness Website Design

Your Reputation is at Stake...

You already know that potential customers form an opinion about you from your website in the blink of an eye.

The problem is you’re not sure they’re forming the right opinion.

You want to change that. Not only do you want to make a strong first impression; you want to ensure the right messages are getting to more of the right people.

You’re looking for substance AND style but without the large premium paid by the biggest businesses.

And ultimately, you want your website to deliver the traffic and the leads that can help you grow your business.

Ravenshoe Group Department

Who Are We?

Building websites is pretty much all we do. And we’ve been doing it since websites were a thing; so we’re pretty sure we can help you with that all-important first impression and beyond.

As well as building engaging websites, we are committed to staying on top of the latest design trends and frameworks.

So when the technology moves on, we move on, and we help our customers move on too.

Nothing is ever out of a box or outsourced. Everything is designed in-house: with you and for you.

As we’ve been in business for over 20 years we mean it when we say we’re in this for the long haul—managing your updates and advising you on design and marketing materials, if required.

How it Works

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Call us at 1-855-944-0033 orfill out a contact form.

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Arrange a kickoff meeting to discuss initial needs & receive a quote.

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If both parties agree to proceed, we take you through our unique 7-step design process until your website is live.

Many Happy Business Owners Have Ravenshoe Websites

"The people at Ravenshoe produced a product for me that exceeded my expectations in every respect. Google loves it, my customers love it and their work literally turned my business around. We are back on top and more profitable than we’ve ever been before as a direct result of what Mike did for us at Ravenshoe."

Dan Morgan is the owner of GreenTech Bug Heat.

"The site Ravenshoe built is generating a ton of leads and still is today. I am constantly getting compliments on the way it is set up and the quality of the design."

Marc Lamers is the Owner/Operator of ML Contracting.

"From the time of talking about tuning up our website to having it in place was very short, so it was on time and on budget, and there was very interesting and creative ideas that came forward."

Jim Maclean is the President of Tactical Advice/Strategic Communications Inc.

"We continue to use Ravenshoe Group because they really took the time to understand us as a business."

Sue Warden is the Operator/Owner of Warden Restoration Ltd.

"There are cheaper options, there are other options, but for my money and my experience, there's no other option than Ravenshoe."

Bryan Walderman is the IT Director for Lipton LLP Chartered Accountants.

What Can You Expect From Us?

That’s easy:
Commitment. Creativity. Insight. Reliability. Professionalism. Experience.

And a website that:

  • Helps to define your business—who you are and what you do
  • Talks to your customers in a language they understand
  • Acts as a sales asset, generating more traffic and more leads
  • Is able to grow over time as you add more content
  • Is totally in tune with your brand
  • Loads quickly—and is viewable on any device

We’ll never consider a stage of the project complete (design, development or launch) until you’re entirely happy.