The end-to-end solution you get when you partner with Ravenshoe Group translates into cost savings. That’s a result of:

  • Proven Quality
  • Improved Speed To Market
  • SAP Integration
  • A solid history of helping top CPG brands like Advil®, Centrum® & NicoDerm®

How Can We Help You?

In a world of rapidly increasing regulation and oversight, don’t you want to partner with a specialist?

Ravenshoe Group focuses on your industry, helping brands across Canada prepare, pack, and deliver their healthcare and pharmaceutical products efficiently, effectively, and within compliant guidelines and regulations. Here’s how we help brands like Advil®, Centrum® & Chapstick® stay on top.

Expect The Highest Standards
In All Our Fulfillment Operations.

Fully licensed
by Health Canada

clean room

Audited every 2 years by Health Canada

Fully digitized systems for tracking of licensing

Highest Standards
in Security

Tap Into Industry-Specific Assets to Keep Ahead of Challenges

With sophisticated digital systems for tracking, security and licensing, we stay one step ahead of the challenges that typically bog down operations in the healthcare and drug packaging environment.

With key functionality developed for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, our operations help reduce complexity and increase supply chain procurement savings.

Enjoy Seamless Integration Across the Entire Supply Chain

From packaging design to distribution to your supply chain, enjoy streamlined and optimized operations. Experience improved performance on business-critical operations:

  • Display Design. Tap into our impressive knowledge database of design experience with healthcare and drug packaging
  • Engineering. Easily keep pace with evolving packaging requirements and demands through our high-tech engineering platforms that quickly and accurately deploy optimal strategies for your project.
  • Material Planning & Procurement. Inbound materials are sourced at the best prices and deliveries are always made on time.
  • Display Fulfillment. Through a simplified supply chain, flexibility and speed to market is vastly improved.
  • Quality Checks. Expect diligent quality checks and precise regulatory compliance via our extensive experience in your industry and powerful systems in place to manage and maintain multiple licenses required for handling healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
  • Shipping Coordination. Shipments, inventory, sourcing and invoicing take place within a fully-managed environment allowing greater efficiency and full visibility into operations with multiple industry partners.
  • Distribution. Delivery schedules are managed from a centralized smart hub that’s powered by a powerful, contract packaging-specific software system.

Deploy Rapidly While Controlling Costs

We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest companies with promotional retail distribution… names like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer. That means you get an experienced team that knows how to get you up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption so your operations don’t get interrupted.

Rest Easy With Enhanced Solutions for Compliance

Simplify the day to day knowing your packaging process is in good hands. Watch your “right-the-first-time” percentages rise as our contract packaging software reduces quality control issues and enhances tracking and tracing capabilities. We’re able to capture inventory as well as production data on the shop floor, as it’s happening.

Accelerate Speed-to-Market & Instantly Open Up Bottlenecks in Production

Non-conformance and re-work instances drop as high-tech solutions unfold and take place directly on the shop floor. No more getting bogged down because you can’t record and analyze issues or trends. No more wondering where your materials are or worrying about everything coming to a grinding halt because of GMP compliance.

How a Ravenshoe Partnership Benefits You

Nulogy Software

In today’s digitized and networked world, companies stay competitive by seeking out strategic strategic alliances that benefit everyone involved. Ravenshoe Group is no exception. We’ve partnered with Nulogy, resulting in dramatic improvements in getting your healthcare & pharma products to market in a way that’s faster, better, and safer.

But what does that mean for you?

  • A supply chain that’s agile & responsive, shortening your product launch cycles
  • Communications that are streamlined for easier status updates on materials tracking, inventory, and delivery times
  • Benchmark metrics that are easily accessible resulting in predictive recommendations, continuous improvement and cost savings
  • A software that connects CPG brands to their strategic partners through SAP and ERP systems

For healthcare and drug companies who are feeling the challenges of a competitive market that’s always evolving, technology is what sets them apart.

Technology is what drives agile, responsive operations. It’s what puts you out ahead of the pack and ultimately, helps you to scale and grow.

When you partner with us, you’re bringing that technology on board without all the overhead, investment, and resource-draining onboarding processes that come with taking it all on yourself.

From licensing and compliance to warehousing and shipping, it’s all managed under one roof with state-of-the-art technology and an impressive record of healthcare packaging experience.

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