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Building High Functioning eCommerce Experiences that Increase Sales.

We went into it this client website design project with a clear goal: improve the online ordering and user experience. We wanted to increase sales, but the customer was at the forefront of all decisions.

With this in mind, we focused on creating a custom eCommerce store that addressed previous customer pain points, focused on ease of ordering especially through mobile, cross-promoted products, and provided a seamless checkout experience.

We were able to deliver a beautiful, updated design that not only achieved all of the client’s goals but was able to decrease their abandon cart rate and increase the amount of time customers spent browsing products on their website – therefore increasing sales!

Estelle Yarns has been importing and distributing fine hand knitting yarns and accessories across Canada for over forty years.

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"The web site has been a tremendous success on so many different levels, we get customer comments almost every day about how great it is for ease of access/ordering and from reps who have been able to continue to work through this time as a result of content in our customer area and screen sharing in Zoom meetings. We have been able to adapt extremely well during this time and the work you guys did on our site has been an integral part of that."
Chris Peacock

Chris Peacock, General Manager at Estelle Designs