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Seamlessly Blending Functionality and Needs to Create Amazing Design.

We worked together with the client to bring to life a functioning mobile-first website design fully equipped with on-site SEO to cater both to search engines and their ideal client. As always, functionality and design were seamlessly integrated to bring the client’s vision to life.

We installed an SSL certificate to improve their site security, and designed a sortable brand catalog for easier and more simplistic product browsing. We also worked to build a client-only area of the website to provide more flexibility and ease to clients, and to help seamlessly blend all the functions TFB needed onto their website.

TFB & Associates Limited helps suppliers share their brands with the hearts and homes of Canadian consumers. As a privately-owned importer and distributor of food, food service, beverage, health care, and confection products their 30+ years of success is directly attributed to their loyalty and long-term personal relationships. They manage dozens of brands across Canada including Fisherman’s Friend and Dad’s Root Beer to name a few.
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"I've used Ravenshoe for a number of projects - websites, business cards and folders (design and print) as well as product imaging. Top notch service and they always deliver a great product. Their in house designers are skilled and precise which eliminates any back and forth trying to get a mock up right. I highly recommend Ravenshoe Group and I will be definitely be using them in the future."
Brian Riddell

Brian Riddell, TFB & Associates Ltd